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Getting Started

So you've decided you want to book a service with Motley Mutts - what next?

Our process:

  1. Register for an account via our pet sitting software, Time to Pet (see top right corner for Client Portal button). 

  2. Once you've registered, fill out the required forms: the Service Agreement, Key Handling Form, Payment Authorization Form, and Veterinary Release Form.

  3. After your required forms have been completed, submit your request for services via the client portal.

  4. Once your services have been scheduled, we will get in touch with you to confirm your services and to schedule a meet and greet. Meet and greets are required for new clients - and they're free! The purpose of the meet and greet is to meet your pets and go over their care before your services begin.

  5. Now that you've registered for the client portal, filled out the required forms, and completed a meet and greet it's time to enjoy your time away! Your pets are in excellent hands.

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Getting Started: Services
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