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Motley Mutts Pet Care Services

Sleeping Dogs

Dog Visit

A dog visit includes a potty break, walk, water, food, playtime, and medications if requested.

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day

Cat Visit

A cat visit includes food, water, litter box cleaning, playtime, and medications if requested.

dog running with toy

Other Pet Visit

Have a pet other than a cat or dog? Visits can be tailored to fit your pet's needs.

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day

Combination Visit

Combination visits include pet care for all of your pets - this may include a potty break, walk, litter box cleaning, food/water, and playtime depending on your pets.

Sleeping Dogs

Visit Extras

For free, all visits include (if requested): bringing in mail/packages, indoor plant watering, turning off/on lights, radios, TVs, opening/closing of curtains/blinds. For an additional fee the following extras can be added on to any visit: taking out trash and recycling, outdoor plant watering. For any service not listed, please get in touch for more information.

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